2021 Push & Pull

Exhibition / Artist

Hardenbergia with Air Pot
Peacock Camellia with Air Pot

2021.12.21 - 12.30
15, Jahamun-ro 10-gil, Jongno-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea
Curating: factory2(@factory2.seoul)
Graphic Design: yu-na kim(@yu_na_kim_c)
Artist: Hyejeong Kim, RohwaJeong, Min Dukki, Jeong Hwa Min, BARE, Jung Min Son, ANDEATH, Hyejin Yeo, Yejou Lee, Jaye Rhee, Jenni Rope, Jung Sung Kyu, Sungyoon Jung, hae-min, Cha Seungean, Kyungjoo Choi, Taeyoon Choi, texture on texture, Paju Typography Institute In-between Space Lab, Jungyoon Hyen, Dongwook Hwang (TechCapsule), HuituruMaturu.
Venue: factory2

*image Credit: Jung Sung Kyu